Oncology Strategic Planning Services for Cancer Care Providers – Hospitals, Health Systems and Practices

We enjoy decades of experience in strategic planning, supporting hospitals and practices in assessing current market position and crafting strategies to improve that position through growth and enhancement of facilities, programs, services, etc. Options for alignments, integration, partnerships and affiliations nearly always play a role in the strategic planning process, and these engagements often include specific pro-formas or ROI analyses developed by our highly experienced financial planners and forecasters. Our strategic plans serve as a framework for decisions and, in many cases for securing support and approval. The planning includes articulation of Mission and Vision, and identification of over-arching Goals accompanied by Measures to monitor success.  The goals are then supported with Strategies and Objectives, with accompanying Next Action Steps.

  • Market position analysis
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Business plans
  • Implementation plans
  • Industry trends and implications
  • SWOT analysis
  • Mission and vision