Oncology Revenue Cycle Reviews for Cancer Care Providers – Hospitals, Health Systems and Practices

The details involved in accurate and compliant billing and collections are numerous and the processes complex. Federal regulations and interpretations abound and changes are frequent and often confusing. In addition, every non-Federal insurance provider offers numerous plans, each with a separate set of rules to follow in order to receive payment. If the processes that lead to billing and collection of payment for services delivered are not finely tuned, the results can be financially devastating as charges are missed and claims go unpaid due to inaccurate documentation and billing.

OMC Group’s billing specialists maintain extensive, up-to-date experience in reviewing all components of the revenue cycle (for both radiation oncology and medical oncology) such as charge capture, charge entry, claims production, and collections, uncovering any and all opportunities to improve performance. Our clients tell us that these are the most comprehensive and detailed reviews in the industry that regularly identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed charges and collections at institutions across the U.S.  These exhaustive analyses are always accompanied by concrete, realistic and immediately actionable recommendations to remedy the causes.

  • Documentation and charge capture
  • Compliant coding and billing
  • Collections processes
  • Staffing
  • Chart audits
  • Charge master/superbill review
  • Physician evaluation and management
  • Coding education