Thought Leadership for Oncology Providers: Experiences and advice for oncology professionals, from oncology professionals​

With the arrival of the new year comes an exciting new offering from Oncology Management Consulting Group. Not another blog written by consultants, but rather innovative insights and assistance for oncology providers and written by oncology providers just like you!

We spoke to a number of your oncology administrative colleagues and asked them to give us some feedback on the issues that are affecting them and are likely impacting everyone providing oncology services to patients across the US.  It could be a significant problem that they surmounted or just something that they feel passionate about regarding the day-to-day running of a cancer center or practice, or any issues that impact patient care.  The response has been enlightening and we thank those that have shared their stories so far and those that are currently writing to share their knowledge and experiences.  We look forward to publishing one essay per month and sharing these insights with all of you.  We welcome your feedback… let us know what you think.