Oncology Operational Assessments for Cancer Care Providers – Hospitals, Health Systems and Practices 

As the U.S. population ages and hospitals and physician practices start experiencing markedly increased volumes, the need for well-defined processes becomes intense. Each step of the patient care process must be clearly defined, efficiently carried out, and all unnecessary redundancy eliminated. Space and staffing resources are all too scarce to lose any opportunity to maximize value and productivity throughout the center.  All aspects of the process must be addressed as patients become more perceptive and more discerning.  Exciting new concepts of care delivery are emerging and OMC Group specialists will assist you to maximize your ability to exceed the demands and expectations of your growing patient population.

Our experts will spend significant time with you and your team to assess in-depth your existing operations or to develop all-new systems as appropriate: from staffing, scheduling and documentation to charge capture and billing.  We place particular emphasis on clarity of communication and ease of information flow as these are vital not only to efficiency and safety, but also to patient and provider satisfaction and ultimately to optimal financial outcomes.

  • Process improvement/redesign
  • Management/organizational structure
  • Staff productivity and recommendations
  • Patient and staff flow analysis
  • Forms and processes
  • Policies and procedures
  • Capacity maximization
  • Throughput enhancements