Your Success is Our Business

OMC Group is uniquely qualified to provide customized consulting services for all of your business challenges from large strategic planning initiatives to focused charge capture reviews. Because we are exclusively focused on the oncology business, OMC Group is intimately attuned to your business environment before consulting engagements begin. This means we “hit the ground running”.

  • You won’t spend your valuable time teaching us the oncology business.
  • Our energies are immediately focused on generating solutions to ensure your success.

Why Choose OMC Group for Your Consulting Needs?

Classic Consulting with OMC Group will provide you with real-world solutions from the nation’s brightest oncology management experts…specialists with practical experience in related fields that our competitors simply do not offer – like payer contracting, physician relationships and pharmacy, to name a few.

In addition, OMC Group is committed to an entirely new way of doing business – one focused on you as the customer. We keep you completely up to date on your project by supplying progress reports as you deem necessary. but most importantly, we deliver every project on budget, on time — every time..

  • If you are you struggling with issues of competition and alignment or are considering a joint venture, our specialists can facilitate negotiations, analyze your options, and work with you to plan and implement the best options for success.
  • If you are hospital administrator tasked with launching a new cancer center, OMC Group can help with in-depth market analysis, financial modeling, facility design, business development and strategic planning…in other words we are ready to assist you at any step or every step!
  • If your practice or hospital is currently struggling with profitability issues, we can assist immediately by pin-pointing the necessary changes to put your organization back on track. We’ll even benchmark against other programs giving you an excellent snapshot of “best practices”.
  • Did you know that over half of all claims have errors that can result in them being unnecessarily denied, suspended, or returned for corrections? OMC Group’s revenue capture experts can help by identifying gaps in your process and systems that cause these lost or delayed revenues.