Oncology Financial and Market Analyses for Cancer Care Providers – Hospitals, Health Systems and Practices 

Making informed decisions requires due diligence: What is the best setting and structure for services, a physician-owned practice or a hospital outpatient department? What is the source of funding for new initiatives, service line revenue or capital investment? What growth potential exists and where?  Such questions can be answered with rigorous financial and market analysis.

OMC Group has developed extensive proprietary tools and data sets which we combine with purchased and/or publicly available data, enabling OMC Group to assess the market in terms of demand and competition for various diagnosis groups and services, generally taking the data down to the zip code level for maximum specificity. In addition, our team includes several very senior and very talented professionals who have expertise in constructing virtually any type of financial analysis – from major equipment acquisition to practice mergers and new construction.  These analyses provide our clients with the information necessary to select the most advantageous cost and reimbursement structure, to project the return on investment for large expenditures and to identify the source of funds to support on-going operations.  Coupled with market analysis, multi-year pro formas can be constructed for new businesses and to estimate the impact of increased volumes.

  • Comparison of reimbursement in varying care settings
  • Financial analysis of the complete service line
  • Industry trends and implications
  • Pro-formas for new centers, new services, new businesses
  • Demand analysis for services
  • Market share, in- and out-migration patterns
  • Projected volumes for services
  • Compensation and employment agreements